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Favorite Podcast

This is a list of my favorite podcast that I listen too on Real Estate Investing, Business, and Mindset!!

Real Estate Podcasts

Here are all the amazing podcast that I listen to everyday to increase my Finacial IQ in Real Estate, Business and Mindset. Click on name to take you to Spotify!!  

From the masterminds of the CashFlow Tactics Community.  Ryan, Brad and Jimmy discuss how you can invest in real estate and yourself to become financially free in 10 years or less.

On the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast, co-hosts David Greene and Rob Abasolo interview real estate investors and entrepreneurs about successes, failures, and hard-earned lessons. Through in-depth conversations, 1-on-1 listener coaching calls, and news analysis, you’ll get a breakdown of real strategies that work for different niches and experience levels. Tune into the #1 real estate investing podcast every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday

Learn how BUSY PEOPLE like you can build substantial passive income while creating wealth for the long-term. Gain expert knowledge and advice on real estate investing as Marco Santarelli (of Norada Real Estate Investments) shares his strategies and valuable insights with an emphasis on Passive and Turnkey (done-for-you) real estate investments.

Discover proven strategies and a wealth formula for making money with real estate in ANY market and avoid common and costly mistakes. If you're looking for "bigger pockets" and ACTIONABLE advice on the road to financial freedom, then this is the podcast for you! Grab a coffee or espresso and enjoy the show. With new episodes every week be sure to SUBSCRIBE TODAY!

Guests include Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad), Brendon Burchard, Dean Graziosi, Grant Cardone Zone, John Lee Dumas, Tom Wheelwright, and so many others! If you like The Joe Rogan Experience, you’ll love this show.

I’m Jay Conner, also known as the Private Money Authority. Did you know that as a real estate investor, you are missing out on 87% of the deals because you’re “not” leveraging private money? After two decades as an investor, I started the Raising Private Money podcast to help you unlock all the private money you'll ever need to fund your real estate deals - WITHOUT resorting to expensive hard money loans.
If you’ve ever lost out on a great off market deal because you lacked the financing, then you and I are kindred spirits. I’ve been there too, missing seller financed opportunities early on because I didn’t know any better.
On this podcast, we’ll walk through accessing private funding together. You’ll discover:
•How to position yourself to tap into flexible private money funding rather than restrictive, costly hard money loans
•Untapped funding sources like self-directed IRAs – and many others you may not be aware of
•Steps to build your own network of private lenders for repeat financing
I speak with wholesalers, flippers, rehabbers, and investors in every niche about where they were BEFORE private money, and how adding private money has EXPLODED their profits!
Whether you’re a new investor looking to quit your 9 to 5 job and finance your first deal or an experienced investor aiming to do more deals and generate bigger profits, private money is out there waiting for you.

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