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Our Team

The most important part of being successful in Real Estate is having an all-star team. Especially when investing out of state. Meet our cast of amazing partners that have helped us to scale our real estate portfolio.

Brian Waters:

Owner of Code 3 Invest and current Fire Captain for Los Angeles County Fire Department. Brian started investing in long term properties, creative deals, and partnering with private money lenders like you to scale his portfolio in out of state properties.  Partner with me and my team as we Buy, Rehab and Refinance out of state properties.  Your partnership secures a 10% monthly interest investment backed by a property as collateral.


Jimmy Vreeland: 


Jimmy is my mentor, friend, and one of the founders of CashFlow Tactics.  He served our amazing country as an Army Ranger and is now the CEO of Vreeland Capital and UBuySTL.  I am blessed to have partnered with him and his amazing team to flip properties in St. Louis.  Jimmy's team flips over 200 homes a year. Our partnership has catapulted my real estate business and I can't say enough about his wealth of knowledge and influence in the business of flipping houses. When you partner with Code 3 Invest you are partnering with Vreeland Capital. 


Peter Skaggs: 


Peter is the owner of Innovative Mortgage Alliance.  Code 3 Invest has used Peter and his team to help secure amazing loans for all of our properties in multiple states.  His teams communication and knowledge in the industry is next level.  

Learn More About our Partner Vreeland Capital

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