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Cashflow Tactics is a community of like minded real estate investors from all over the country.  It has literally changed my life in so many ways. We meet weekly and discuss multiple strategies and tactics to navigate the current real estate market.  It has helped me to scale my real estate portfolio as well as increase my financial IQ in real estate investing. I have learned how to find, analyze, fund, manage and flip houses out of state, all from my hometown in California.  I highly recommend joining this amazing community.


Ryan, Brad, and Jimmy developed Cash Flow Tactics from real life experience and  their own  personal trial and error. They firmly believe “YOU CANNOT LEAD WHAT YOU DON’T LIVE.” All three  founders invest in the exact same assets they recommend the Empire Builders in CFT invest in. All three founders became financially free by building their wealth pyramid up from the base, only investing in assets that have the Core 4 and 4 Pillars and  they accelerated their journey to financial  freedom by implementing the financial freedom formula. 


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