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My Journey in Real Estate

Brian Waters,
Real Estate Investor

Making Your Vision a Reality

In 2002 I became an accidental investor.  I knocked on a door in Huntington Beach and made an offer on a house site unseen in a great neighborhood.  Crazy enough she took the offer with one stipulation.  She wanted to lease the property back for one year.  Fast forward a year later, I opened the front door to a huge mess and boxes everywhere.  I moved in and over the course of the next ten years I had multiple roommates that helped me with the rent.  At the time I had no idea that I was "House Hacking."  It wasn't until my future wife Yvonne was six months pregnant with my twin boys that we decided to be grown up and live on our own.  

The boys were born and a few years later we invested in a house at the river as a vacation home.  We cold called the owner and made an offer on the house over the phone that was accepted.  

In 2019 we purchased a rental property in Murrieta and rented it back to the owner for a year and continue to rent that property long term.

In 2022 we joined  a mastermind for real estate investors. Over the next 18 months with the help of my mentors and the community were able to buy 9 more long term rentals. This changed everything for our family.  I have learned so much from the community and training and have recently joined forces with my mentors to buy, rehab and hold properties in St. Louis and Detroit, using private money from lenders.  This strategy allows me to pay lenders a high monthly interest rate all secured by collateral of the house.  

Partnering with private money lenders has helped so many people earn a high rate of return while we can scale our rentals.

I want to give back the knowledge that I have gained over the years of investing, so I have started coaching on how to safely and securely scale your real estate portfolio with out of state properties.  I offer private one-on-one coaching.


Our team and partners handle everything including:

1. Finding the property

2. Using our lawyers and title attorneys for securing the paperwork and terms agreement.

3. Our contractors handle the permits and remodel.

4. Our property managers place a qualified tenant.

5. You receive secured 10% monthly interest and full payment upon completion


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